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Everyone in Bangkok Benefits from Mini Storage

Everyone Can Benefit from Mini Storage

Moving your family to the city because you got a new job can be a stressful time in your family’s lives. You and your spouse can have a lot on your minds. Will there be enough space in a place we can afford? How far are the schools? How long will the commute take? And, of course, you’re anxious to get settled and start your new job.

But you may be slightly disappointed by the size of the condos and apartments near public transportation in your price range, particularly if you’ve come from a spacious home and have more things than will fit in your new home. Luckily, there’s a company with mini-storage facilities in five locations across Bangkok that will ease your space worries.

Change in Lifestyles

While your child may be excited by all the changes, you and your spouse are more concerned with whether your little one will have enough space to play and do their homework.

But with the seven sizes of mini-storage units available at JWD Store It!, you can rent as much space as you need. The units vary from .5 metres by 1.4 metres for a small family with just a few items to store, to a 30 metre by 50 metre that is perfect for a company that is relocating their office and needs a place to store office furniture or even equipment and products.

For families relocating to the city, you can even rent a unit when you first arrive in town and store your belongings in it until you find a suitable place to live in a desirable area of the city. Find the closest storage facility to your new job or office, and start your search for a new home in the same area. After you’ve found the right home, you can move your belongings into your new place at your leisure. There are even pallet jacks, trolleys and stepladders to help make your move easier.

Store Your Belongings Safely and Securely

At JWD Store It! You have the only key to your storage unit. And you enter the air-conditioned building with 24-hour CCTV by entering a secure PIN code issued to you when you rent your unit. You also can have access to your unit 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s the perfect storage solution for people with all sorts of storage issues. For companies expanding their product lines that need additional storage space temporarily, your company can rent a unit for as little as a month. We even offer temperature-controlled wine storage and safe deposits for your truly valuable belongings.

So, don’t lose any more sleep worrying about what you’ll do about your belongings when you move to Bangkok. Simply rent a storage unit from JWD Store it! And all the pressure is off you to find a place to live quickly.

Get in touch with us to find out all our locations around Bangkok and the easy details about renting a storage space right near your new home or place of business.


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