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What Are the Best Luxury Houses in the World in 2022?

There are plenty of luxury Houses out there that are well beyond what most people will ever be able to afford. They serve as a display of extreme luxury and wealth. Much has been said about luxury Houses, but very few articles actually highlight what makes them so unique.

You’ll be surprised at how much they cost and where they are located. From an underground house that costs $120 million to a $30 million underwater mansion, here are some of the best luxury houses in existence today.

1.   Catalyst modern living apartments

Catalyst luxury apartments downtown Houston are listed between $1,741 and $4,713 per unit and range from 642 square feet to 1,814 square feet. Catalysts come with two levels of parking, a 24-hour security system and on-site management.

The building also has several energy-saving features, including rooftop solar panels that power some of its appliances, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and dual-flush toilets. They have exquisite facilities at your fingertips thanks to their concierge and valet services, which were designed to effortlessly integrate your work/life balance.

2.   The Spelling Manor

This sprawling estate is on five acres of prime LA land and has several exciting features that make it one of luxury  Houses most coveted properties. The house sits on a floor space of about 56,500 square feet (5,250 square meters).

The Spelling Manor is built from three refurbished mansions, which would cost millions on their own. There are fourteen bedrooms and twenty-seven bathrooms within its walls. This property stands out from others because of its whopping price tag of $160 million.

3.   Hala Ranch Estate

Aspen’s Hala Ranch Estate is situated on 95 acres of land and Luxury Houses a $135 million residence, which the architectural firm Hagman Yaw designed. The fifteen-bedroom home has a snow room where a snowy wall can be controlled via remote to simulate winter inside any time of the year.

There are also two guest Luxury Houses, an indoor swimming pool, and a stable for horses. The property is currently valued at $135 million.

4.   Antilia Mumbai

At $2 Billion, the Antilia, a 27-story waterfront house located in Mumbai, is currently regarded as one of the most luxurious homes ever built. Owned by Mukesh Ambani, CEO of Reliance Industries Ltd., it is said to have cost $2 million per room to build.

Its amenities include a ballroom, three helipads, and servants’ quarters spread over 400,000 square feet. It is also set within 1.120 acres of manicured gardens with landscaped lawns as well as multiple swimming pools.

5.   Four Fairfield Pond

The 21-bedroom, 18-bathroom limestone Italian Renaissance-style palace lies on 63 acres with other structures on the property, including a playhouse and two pool cottages. This 63-acre estate is owned by Ira Renner, the founder of the Renco Group, a holding firm with operations in auto manufacture and smelting.

The mansion includes a 164-seat theater with a stage big enough for a Broadway show. According to Veranda, the dining room is 91 feet long and can accommodate 105 people.

6.   Ellison Estate

This San Francisco mansion was originally built for William Ellison, president of a shipbuilding company, and today it’s owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. The property includes a 35-car garage, three swimming pools, and a tennis court. At $200 million, it’s one of the most luxurious homes ever sold in America.

luxurious homes

For his part, Mr. Ellison lives on 98 percent of an island he owns just off Hawaii that is roughly 2.6 times bigger than Kauai Island (the sixth-largest Hawaiian island).

7.   Palazzo di Amore

This Beverly Hills palace stands out from its competitors with a breath-taking spa that offers guests a chance to romance and relax. Palazzo di Amore was originally listed at $195 million before being lowered to $129 million last year.

The finished house has 12 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, including a 5,000-square-foot master suite. It also features a 15,000 square-foot entertainment center with a 50-seat state-of-the-art movie theater and a bowling alley. The parking space can accommodate approximately 150 cars.

8.   Seven The Pinnacle

If you can afford it, there’s nothing more luxurious than having a house that’s your very own private ski resort. Seven The Pinnacle features ten bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, and a wine cellar, not to mention a private helipad. More so, it has a garage for 12 cars and its own water treatment plant. All these lavish offerings come at a price of $150 million dollars.

There go some of the most luxurious houses in the world. Some of these Luxury Houses are what many people aspire to build or own in their lifetime. We hope that reading this has inspired you, if not challenged to burn the midnight oil.


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