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All About Mon Paris Perfume

Mon Paris Perfume Dossier co begins with a burst of berries, pear, and various citrus fruit flavours. Despite being described as a flowery scent, a lot of its wear is somewhat fruity. There are also flowery notes of datura flower and peony in the background.

They’ll take up more and more of the composition as time goes on. “Fruitchouli” scents, which have been around for a long time, but were trendy a few years ago, are one of Yves Saint Laurent’s mainstays.

The Scent:

Pear and claimed citrus notes, which I can’t discern, are the first notes in Olivier Cresp’s Mon Paris, created by perfumers Dora Baghriche, Harry Fremont, and Dora Baghriche. There is an instant emphasis on the strawberry component of the fragrance, which is my favourite feature of the scent.

Although this isn’t a “photo-realistic” strawberry by any means, its natural, gentle tart-sweetness captures the most significant elements of this fruit. It’s not uncommon to find “compote,” “bubblegum,” or – even worse – “berry-scented plastic” notes in perfumery these days. But the ones in Mon Paris Perfume stand out because they’re not one of those.

Mon Paris Perfume, with its watery-sweet fruits and flowers, would seem like a fresh summer smell, but the chilly top notes are balanced by a warmer base, emitting a subtle warmth. With musk, patchouli, and oakmoss, you get a mild, earthy aroma that isn’t overpowering. Despite the lack of a vintage vibe, the strawberry-raspberry harmony has a more natural feel because of this classic note.

Mon Paris Perfume

Sillage And Longevity:

This scent has a sillage that is much higher than typical. Mon Paris Perfume leans more towards the spectrum’s moderate side yet is closer to the liberal end. Mon Paris travels for seven to eight hours. Its power is maintained for a more extended amount of time than usual.

Versatility Of The Mon Paris Perfume Dossier co:

The Mon Paris Perfume scent is going to be ideal for those times of the year when the temperature is at its peak. On the other hand, I believe that Mon Paris does a little bit better there. It does not have a sombre tone.

Mon Paris Perfume

Both are at their most adaptable and comfortable, whether worn on an everyday basis or in a more relaxed atmosphere. It’s likely going to attract a younger demographic overall. It may be used at any time and is highly flexible. Perhaps a little on the weighty side for such a hot summer.

Overall Scent:

The fragrance of Mon Paris has notes of fruit, flowers, and musk. The opening is lovely, but it’s also a typical fruit-should smell thanks to the predominant patchouli component. It does, however, have lovely datura, differentiating it to some degree. You are going to enjoy the delectable delicacy of Mon Paris Perfume


Mon Paris Perfume has a round and smooth perfume, with notes of sweet fruitiness, tart-bitter green, fresh flowers, and warm musk-patchouli. Overall, the fragrance has a very balanced and polished feel to it. On the other hand, you will like this fragrance’s non-cloying interpretation of strawberry and its festive and exuberant air.

The supporting notes give it a classy edge so it will go well with a beautiful purse and high shoes, most likely pink ones. In addition to having a beautiful bottle, this perfume is of high quality, has a pleasant aroma, and is easy to get along with.

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