5 Reasons to Get a Chromebook for Your Small Business

So you own and operate a small business and you’re in the market for a new laptop. Before you snap up the first one that catches your eye, you may want to stop and take a look at what a Chromebook has to offer. Chromebooks are extremely popular right now and for good reason, as these lightweight devices can pack quite the punch where power and productivity are concerned. Let’s take a look at the top reasons to get a Chromebook for your small business so you can decide if it’s the better choice over a standard laptop.

Affordability Is High on the List of Pros:

While there are many reasons to get a Chromebook for your small business, affordability sits very high on the list of pros. Generally speaking, Chromebooks tend to be much more affordable than a laptop. For small businesses on a tight budget, this is a huge advantage. It means you can get a device that much sooner, and likely a very good one.

They Have Impressive Processors:

If you’re under the impression that a Chromebook is a step down in terms of the processor, it’s time to think again. Look at these Lenovo Chromebooks for business and you’ll see just how powerful these devices are. For many small businesses, it will be more than enough.

Programs are Mainly Located in the Cloud:

A rather interesting feature about Chromebooks is how files are stored and how programs are run. Almost everything will be stored in Google Drive, which is the cloud. This makes all files and programs accessible remotely, which can be extremely handy if your staff are also working remotely. Everyone will have access to the files, data, and programs regardless of their location, making them efficient and productive at all times.

As for the storage, it’s usually eMMC flash storage. This is not just handy but very cheap.

And because all your files and documents are stored in the cloud, this acts as a backup so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

It Feels Like a Laptop:

If you’re used to how a laptop feels and operates you’ll appreciate that there isn’t much of a learning curve here. Chromebooks are incredibly user-friendly and will feel very similar to your laptop. If you happen to have a Google-based smartphone and/or tablet, they will all be compatible.

Choose Different Screen Sizes:

Just like with a laptop, Chromebooks also offer different screen sizes at different price points. If you want to do detailed tasks, it’s usually best to get the largest screen. If you’re prioritizing weight and how slim the device is, opt for the smaller more compact models.

Just a Small Look at the Benefits:

This is just a small look at the many benefits of purchasing a Chromebook over a laptop for your small business. As Chromebooks continue to evolve and technology advances, it will become even clearer just how handy these devices are. Chances are once you get a Chromebook, you’ll never go back to a laptop.



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