Workforce Development with LMS – Tips and Tricks

There are many ways of enhancing the skill-set of the workforce, but using a learning management system (LMS) has proved to be effective for both, the employees and the organization. Using LMS makes the training and learning experience better and easier for the employees.

It also benefits organizations by improving the productivity of the workforce along with being cost-effective and easy to set up. Although it is easy to implement and efficient, there are a few tips to keep in mind when using an LMS –

8 tips to keep in mind when using an LMS:

1. Making an LMS a one-stop solution

Making an LMS a one-stop solution is a must where records of individual employees can get stored for future references. An LMS can hold training records, program schedules, milestones, and so on and can be accessed effortlessly. LMS can especially come in handy for an organization with employees spread across different locations.

2. Providing mobile learning

Providing mobile learning also gives an added advantage. LMS gives employees the freedom to take the training programs or continue an unfinished program at their convenience.

3. Understanding the need of learners

Understanding the need of learners is also important as it helps in adding the right learning elements to the training programs. Assessing the training requirements of every employee is crucial as an accurate assessment helps in allotting assignments to the learners.

4. LMS must be made a two-way street

LMS must be made a two-way street by making the training program interactive with two-way communication rather than just one-way communication. Online surveys, questionnaires, and more can provide the learners with the opportunity to share feedback and share concerns.

This might also help the organization make the required improvements in the training programs. With the help of surveys and polls, employees can provide valuable insights, which can allow organizations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their training programs.

5. Tracking and reporting

Tracking and reporting features of LMS should be taken advantage of as drawing a report is quite simple and can be used to track and monitor the individual progress of the employees. This data can also be used to translate into significant information for devising better learning strategies and improving training programs. Therefore, LMS can be used as an employee training tracking software tool.

6. LMS can help learners stay on track

LMS can help learners stay on track with their training. Sometimes, it may be required for employees to continue a training course or re-take a training program after a specified period to refresh their memory.

An LMS allows an organization to send reminders in the form of notifications, e-mails, and more to remind learners to continue their progress. By doing so, employees can stay updated about their progress and complete assignments allotted to them by the given deadline.

7. Focusing on ‘Moment of Need’ training

Focusing on ‘Moment of Need’ training is crucial as the employees should be able to make the most of their training time to enhance the skill-set required by the organizations at the moment. Statistics as per the Training magazine’s 2020 Training Industry report show that companies provided their employees with 55.4 hours of training per year on average which is just a little over 2 days.

8. An organization should make it social

An organization should make it social as corporate learning today has gone beyond formal learning. Due to technological advancements, the learners now have access to high-speed internet, better connectivity, and the use of mobile devices to ensure that learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

For example, social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more are popular in many companies where informal employee training takes place. Some features which can be used in the training programs include live chats, social streams, groups, forums, etc.


To be able to make the most of LMSs, organizations must ensure the right use of available features and resources. Using the resources effectively, workforce development using LMS can enhance productivity benefitting the employees as well as the organization.


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