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What Are 3 Things That Block Water Pipes?

Block Water Pipes – A sluggish water faucet, clogged drains, and a leaky pipe can all be frustrating side effects of living in a house with plumbing, but these annoyances are also signs that something else is wrong. If your water pressure is low or you are only getting a trickle from the tap, your faucets and drains may have become blocked.

All water pipes connected to your fixtures are part of a more extensive system known as your home’s plumbing. When these pipes are blocked, water cannot flow freely throughout your home. The first step to getting your home’s pipes back in working order is figuring out what is causing the blockage.

Here are three things that can block water pipes at home and how to fix them:

1. Dirty Pipes

One of the best ways to fix clogged pipes is by cleaning out their interior. For example, you can use a pipe snake to clear out clogs in your sewer lines. If your pipes have accumulated dirt, grease, or other debris, they can cause them to become blocked.

Pipes that are too dirty for water to flow freely are called obstructed pipes. This is a common problem in older homes with older pipes. However, it can also happen in new homes if the interior walls or floors are too thin or old pipes are too close to the outside walls.

There are several ways you can get pipes in your home clean enough to use. You can use a pipe snake, but be careful not to damage any wires or plumbing fixtures connected to your fixtures.

You can use a pipe cleaner, but be sure not to use one that is too large for your pipes.

If the interior of your pipes is too dirty for you to clean them yourself, consider hiring a plumbing professional who can provide Sacramento plumbing services to do it. They may charge by the hour, but this method is cheaper than replacing and repairing too dirty pipes.

2. Roots from Landscaping

If you have recently planted grass, shrubs, trees, or any other types of plants around your house, it is possible that the roots are creating a block in your pipes. This is called root damage, and it happens when the pipes are too close to the plants.

The first step to fixing this issue is to remove any plants that may be causing the damage. You can also place buckets under the pipes to catch any water that may leak out. Next, contact a professional to clear out your pipes.

If this is an ongoing issue, you should avoid planting roots in your house’s path. Instead, put down a concrete path to prevent water pipes from being damaged by the roots of plants growing there.

3. Running Water and Hair Clogs

Water running from the faucet can cause clogs in your pipes if hair gets wrapped around the inside of your pipes. Water pressure also plays a role in how easily hair will get wrapped around pipes.

If your pipes aren’t under a lot of pressure, hair will generally come out when you try to suck it out with a pipe cleaner. But if your pipes are under low water pressure, hair is more likely to get wrapped around them.

If you have hair wrapped around your pipes, try running the water for a few minutes to flush it out. If this doesn’t work and you suspect a hair clog, you should contact a professional to clear out your pipes. Running water can wear down pipes and cause them to rust and corrode over time.

This can lead to mineral deposits that cause pipes to become clogged. Hair can bind minerals together and cause pipes to become blocked. It’s important to clean your pipes regularly to prevent this from happening.


Home maintenance is crucial to keeping your pipes from becoming blocked. The first step to getting your home’s pipes back in working order is figuring out what is causing the blockage. If you suspect that your pipes are clogged, you should call a professional. Blocked pipes can lead to low water pressure and other problems, which are dangerous for your home.


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