Horror Games That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Survival horror games have remained popular throughout the years because they create an atmosphere of true dread in their video games.

These are the games that keep you on the edge of your seat as you count your shots and tiptoe along narrow passages hoping the adversary isn’t close.

We’ll look at some extremely horrific horror video games that we’ve played throughout the years in this list.

We’ll go through our personal favorites for horror games that will send shivers down your spine, and if you like our list, don’t forget to download them from The Pirate Bay.

Find the best horror games of 2022 here:

1: Siren

As a superb survival video horror game title, Siren was sure to be a hit.

Siren is set in a Japanese community called Hanuda, which has chosen to isolate itself from the rest of the world.

An earthquake interrupts one of the community’s traditional ceremonies to bring their deity back into the world, cursing the village into a new realm.

Now, a group of 10 survivors must stop the cult from ushering in a new deity and restore order to the planet.

2: Resident Evil 7

This horror game is set four years after the events of Resident Evil 6 in a fictitious Louisiana city.

Players will assume the character of Ethan, a guy on the lookout for his missing wife. When his research leads him to a run-down plantation estate and the home of an abnormal family.

Ethan appears to have to flee the cannibalistic Baker family while simultaneously looking for answers about his missing wife.

The game returns to the franchise’s roots, with players counting their ammo and carefully exploring their surroundings.

3: Until Dawn

The Horror Game Until Dawn is about a group of eight friends who decide to have a vacation retreat at a cabin in a fictitious mountain resort in western Canada.

Their vacation rapidly goes bad when they discover a crazy murderer is on the loose, requiring their gang of eight to stay alive until daylight.

Gamers will be able to manage the characters at various moments during the story while making important decisions.

The plot will change depending on the choices made, and some characters may not make it through the night.

4: Outlast

The game features Miles Upshur, a freelance investigative journalist on the hunt for a secluded psychiatric facility.

As a survival horror game, players are urged to employ stealth to their advantage while navigating through numerous obstacles.

Similarly, a large part of the game relies on the usage of a night vision camera to view what’s nearby.

However, the camera requires batteries to operate, prompting players to search out replacements as they continue through the story.

5: Silent Hill

When a ghostly apparition leaps into the road, making the car swerve erratically, a father and daughter’s life change.

As the father (Harry) regains consciousness, he notices that the car is a totaled wreck and that his daughter has vanished.

He staggers towards the adjacent town of Silent Hill, shocked and disoriented, where his nightmare truly starts. Internal struggle and psychological collapse are important themes of Silent Hill.

We’re forced to mistrust the validity of what Harry is witnessing as he wanders the abandoned town, seeking clues and encountering its strange, wounded people.

6: Ghostwire: Tokyo

Players assume the role of a protagonist who has the ability to see and defeat ghosts.

You must use this talent to rid Japan of supernatural beings that are causing havoc.

It appears to be accomplished through a variety of unique abilities that the player may call upon from their protagonist.

Because you’re trying to figure out why this unexpected attack has changed everyone in the neighborhood into demonic ghosts and monsters, this is also a spooky game.

7: Martha Is Dead

The Horror Game Martha is Dead was released earlier this year and tells the narrative of Martha’s twin sister, Giulia, who took Martha’s place as she was mysteriously drowned by her husband in the lake.

The game is told in first-person and focuses on solving puzzles to get to the next section.

The voice acting is set to Italian by default to emphasize the ambiance of 1940s France, and the production team should be proud of the historical authenticity that went into the finished product.

Expect a psychological thriller with loads of smart language lines and sequences. That will truly make the hair on your arms stand on end, despite what the title suggests.

Are You Ready?

There you go.

We have elaborated the list of some of the best horror games of 2022. Here so that you can play them and be scared for the night.

If you are too scared, don’t be ashamed to play the game with your lights on and without plugging in your headphones.

We won’t make fun of you.

For further queries on these horror games, reach us below in the comment section.


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