Gadgets You Need to Gamble at a Live Dealer Casino

Casinos have been around for a long time and they have undergone all sorts of transformations over decades. The latest transformations have seen them take their services online as well. The popularity of such online gambling enterprises is growing by the year. In fact, there are probably over a hundred low-wagering casinos like $5 minimum deposit casino Canada. The growth of this, as with many recent innovations and inventions, is tied to the development of the Internet.

The one caveat that some players have with online casinos has to do with their very nature. They are virtual and rarely involve any direct contact with casino staff. On the other hand, people love them because they are convenient and negate the need for travelling or driving.

To bridge the gap between the online casino and land-based casino experiences, live-dealer games were created. These live dealer games involve a real human dealer, operating over a video feed while players participate from their private abodes.

Why You Should Use Gadgets During Live Dealer Casino Games

The live dealer games have proven successful so far, with more casinos embracing the concept. However, innovation stops for no one and more modern technologies have found their way into gaming. These more recent technologies manifest in the form of gadgets and are becoming increasingly popular among casino gamblers.

They are believed to further bridge the gap for players who want to maintain their convenience while retaining the human factor. The best part is you don’t have to like them all; taking one are two that enhance your experience is good enough. Check out some gadgets and see what works for you. Check also some best amazingly themed casino games online.

What Gadgets Are Used by Online Casino Gamblers

The penetration of gadgets into casino gambling arguably began with modern gamers. They represented a new breed of game-loving individuals, raised in residential gaming culture and eager to maintain interaction while playing. What started out as a simple need for interconnectivity has, however, morphed into an industry-changing practice. Though many of the more cutting-edge techs out there are not applicable to casino gambling, the following are:

  1. Smartphones: these are not built for gaming, but they have increased the convenience of playing. As a result, you can log in to enjoy that live-dealer game you want anytime you feel like it. It becomes even better with recent smartphones that allow for split-screen functionality. With these, you can play while doing other things.
  2. A laptop: some players might need a bigger screen to take in more of the action. For such people, the solution is simple; play on a laptop instead. It would also make multitasking while playing more convenient.
  3. A router: this serves a security purpose and improves functionality as well. If you’re going to be using multiple devices while playing, it serves to reason that a router would serve you well. They also offer better connections that could save money that would otherwise have been lost to faulty connections. Over time, the extra cost should pay dividends.
  4. Headsets: these are a gaming favourite nowadays and the most popular ones come with mics to aid two-way communication. The mic is less likely to be useful to casino players, but they get to experience the sound effects more and block out distractions when necessary.
  5. VR headsets: if you believe headsets are wonderful, wait until you try out one of these. VR headsets bring the “virtual” to virtual gaming, offering players the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the experience. When used during a live dealer game (if compatible), a near real-life experience is what you would get.
  6. A game console: this serves as the origin of most game-related gadgets and the whole thing is coming to the online casino gambling world. Gaming consoles can be used to connect to the internet and are designed to integrate well with other technology. This means that a web-based live dealer game can be accessed through the console.

Other entries that could make it to an extended list include:

  • Smartwatches
  • Wi-Fi-activated poker controllers

Are These Gaming Gadgets Worth the Money?

The answer is yes, looking at things from the perspective of experience alone, but this isn’t one of those things that someone should be telling you. Why? Some of these gadgets are expensive to acquire. As such, your pocket should be the first determinant of what you need.

Then, racing after that can come your wants, because these are not a necessity unless you have the money to get them easily. In summary, they are worth it only if you have the morning to buy a more immersive experience. Otherwise, steer clear of the extra costs; gambling is an expensive enough habit. Check also SuperCoach NRL Perfect 8: round 11 jackpot hitting $280,000.

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

We have talked at length about the gadgets but what about the game. The gadgets are enticing but why play a live-dealer game at all? For one, it helps recreate the feeling of a land-based casino game, especially when played with headsets. That said, there are a few advantages to playing live dealer games. Some of them are:

  1. Absence of RNG. RNGs are random number generators that casinos use to endure fair gameplay. However, many players don’t trust them because they can be used to rig games theoretically. Live dealer games eliminate such risks and put the dealers back under players’ microscopes. It also brings games back to the conventional idea of luck, which players are more comfortable with.
  2. Real-time video feed and high-quality graphics. Graphics of virtual games can be very exceptional but nothing beats a quality real-time feed (except a virtual feed via VR headsets, of course).
  3. Opportunity to spot loopholes in the dealer’s activities. Dealers are humans and they can make mistakes. Some players make a living capitalising on such mistakes in brick-and-mortar casinos. Live dealer games give such players the opportunity to keep doing so.

What Live Dealer Games Can You Play With Gadgets?

Anyone, depending on the gadgets you are using. For instance, a router, smartphone or laptop can be used for any game. A VR headset might be more appreciated when used for roulette or poker as well. Basically, any gadget can be used to improve the casino experience. Even beyond the live dealer games, gadgets can still come in handy. An example is the use of headsets when playing slots.


Though most gaming gadgets are still associated more with PC and console games than online casino games, demand for them is starting to flourish in the latter. It’s no surprise that they are utilised by players of live dealer games, though. Now, we just have to wait and see where technology takes us next. Until then, we wish you profitable gambling.



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