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Review Of Rogers Sporting Goods For 2022

Most of the items sold by Rogers Sporting Goods are from the brands’ Rig Em Right, Simmons, Primos Hunting, Morrell, Bushnell, and ALPS OutdoorZ, which are all sent from the United States. Rogers Sporting Goods is a seller on Amazon with over 70 feedbacks from customers in the past 12 months, and the average price of the things they offer is $118.45, making them a relatively inexpensive option.

The seller has only sold a tiny number of things on Amazon. Hence they are considered a “small business seller.” Since there is little information, it isn’t easy to make a call. However, we will keep an eye on its ratings, which show that consumers generally find the store’s offerings to be around par. Cherry Picks often suggests this as a low-priced option.

Is Rogers Sporting Goods Trustworthy On Amazon?

Yes. On Amazon’s North American Marketplaces, you can find it doing business as Rig Em Right, Simmons, Primos Hunting, Morrell, Bushnell, and ALPS OutdoorZ. It is a reputable company that requires sellers on its platform to go through its Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, which helps it get information about each seller that it can use to identify and contact the sellers.

Does Rogers Sporting Goods Provide Products Of High Quality?

sporting good

We looked at the reviews and ratings left by actual customers of Rogers Sporting Goods to conclude that the user has a 4.8-star rating and has sold more than 70 Sports & Outdoors items on Amazon. Based on this information, we can safely conclude that the website provides high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

What Are The Return And Refund Policies For Rogers Sporting Goods?

rogers sporting good

Check out Amazon’s Return Policy and Refund Policy docs for information on sending items back and getting your money back. However, if there is a detail that needs to be clarified, you may always ask the vendor. Please be aware that you have 30 days to return an item if it is damaged, incorrect, or arrives with a problem. To avoid paying for return postage, the returned items must be sold and fulfilled by Amazon(FBA).

How Can I Check The Status Of My Rogers Sporting Goods Order?

Do you wish to check on the status of your overdue Amazon package? After purchasing with the seller on, you should visit the site and get in touch with them:

rogers sporting good

It just takes four simple actions to check on your Rogers Sporting Goods order status.

  • Follow Your Directives.
  • Navigate to the purchase you want to monitor.
  • Just click the “Track Package” button next to your request to see its whereabouts.
  • To check delivery status updates, choose to see all updates.

To see where your shipment is in transit, visit the request Status Page. If you need further details regarding placing an order, please find them by clicking here.

Before Placing My Amazon Order, May I Get In Touch With Rogers Sporting Goods?

Before purchasing on a website, you may contact the seller. To ask questions before purchasing, visit their Amazon site and search for the “Ask a Question” tab. The online Buyer-Seller Messaging Service will forward your inquiry to the vendor.

Typically, you may expect a reply to your email inquiry from the retailer within two business days. If you purchased an item from Rogers Sporting Goods online and want to get it serviced under warranty, here is how to get in touch with them.

rogers sporting good

Go to the order page and use the order list to zero in on the desired order. Choose “Problem with Order” for the selected order, then “Contact Seller” and explain the issue so it may be looked at. It’s easy to follow the instructions.

  • After making an order with it, you should get in touch with them.
  • Follow Your Directives.
  • Use the list to locate your request.
  • You might choose an issue with your order.
  • Select one of the available options for your paper’s subject.
  • Pick the Option to Communicate with the Seller. (You can read more about this here.)

You may contact the seller online to obtain a refund under Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee if you are unhappy with a product you have purchased and there is an issue with the seller. You may get your money back from it by following those instructions.

  • Follow Your Directives.
  • Find the sequence.
  • You might choose an issue with your order.
  • Pick the subject that best applies to you below.
  • Choose to Ask for a Refund.
  • The comment area awaits your input.
  • Make use of the Send button. (You can read more about this here.)

What do I do from here if I am charged without placing an order with Rogers Sporting Goods? You can review your monthly credit card statement to see whether the purchase was made at an online retailer like Amazon.



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