5 Must-Have Apps to Keep Record of Your Health

Health Apps – Mishaps and medical emergencies can occur anytime. Incidents like fire outbreaks, gas leakage, short circuits, and similar life-threatening dangers are more common than we think.

One way to deal with them is to keep a check on household appliances. Getting gas safety certification, keeping a fire extinguisher, and creating a solid contingency plan are some steps to prevent accidents.

However, sometimes, all precautions fail, and medical emergencies become inevitable. Therefore, the medical health record of each family member must be maintained.

It helps in taking immediate action in case of urgencies. Details about the vaccinations, blood group, medicines, and allergies help doctors make the right decision.

Thankfully, we have numerous apps to help us maintain our health records. Let us learn about these apps and see how they can help us record our medical history.
So, let’s begin:

1. Apple Health Apps:

Apple has a dedicated Health apps and an Apple Watch with multiple health features. The Watch monitors your heartbeat, oxygen level, cardiogram, and more.

Besides this, you can keep track of your sleep cycle, check your sugar level and blood pressure. The Apple Health Apps lets you record every detail under the Medical ID section. The section is accessible from the lock screen.

Thus, doctors can get easy access even if the screen is locked. It lets you save details like age, name, sex, blood group, emergency contact numbers, current medications, extra notes, and much more.

This health apps combines all medical records in one place. Yes, it synchronizes with Apple Watch, iPhone, and all other health apps on the phone. So, keep wearing the Watch and use this health apps to record all your medical details automatically.


Apart from keeping the basic biodata details, medicines, and contact numbers, lab reports are a key element in medical records. MTBC PHR provides you with this opportunity by letting you save all lab reports in one place. Yes, you can upload and save all lab report data so that doctors can make a diagnosis in no time.

Furthermore, with this app, taking doctor’s appointments is no more a problem. Yes, you can take a remote appointment directly from the app. Another feature of medical insurance details makes this app a perfect solution for all your medical needs.

So, from prescriptions and insurance to lab reports and appointments, you can resolve all your medical concerns through this app.

Some users find the name difficult to remember, but the useful features are impressive enough to keep this app on our phones.

3. CareZone:

Though this health apps doesn’t let you record the lab reports, it is still a useful app for health records. Users are happy with the scanning features as they don’t need to type the medicine name; they can scan it. Apart from it, it has a reminder feature. Set a reminder as per the medicine time and never skip a dose.

Likewise, you can enter other medical details and change them anytime. Another great feature of the app is storing doctors’ information. At times, we are taking consultations with multiple doctors.

Storing address information, availability, and charges is hectic. CareZone resolves this issue by letting us store detailed information about every doctor.

Apart from keeping a medicine record, it also lets your order these medications instantly. Yes, you can place your online order and get all medicines at your doorstep. So, maintaining good health becomes possible with Care Zone.

This is not the end; you can even record the key points of each appointment. Thus, tracking your progress and knowing your current health condition becomes a matter of minutes.

4. GenieMD:

Though Apple has no comparison, some users wish to have a health app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. In this case, GenieMD is the right option. Do not worry about privacy, as it works as per HIPAA compliance. Thus, there is a legal requirement to maintain the privacy of the patient’s record.

You can record details related to cholesterol level, blood sugar, blood pressure, and much more. Besides this, keeping a record of medications for the treatment of each condition is possible. Users can also store information regarding their current health conditions.

Like CareZone, it has a reminder that pops up as per the time saved by you. Not just this, you can store information regarding the missed pill. Thus, analyzing the health impact of a missed medicine becomes possible. Moreover, there is an option to store information regarding doctors.

It makes it easier to contact the right doctor in case of an emergency. You can also store emergency contact details.

With so many positive features, the inability to access the app from the lock screen is a downside. If this feature is not mandatory for you, this app is a good option for tracking your health.

5. MyChart:

If you don’t want to have an app with so many details and to look for something simple, try MyChart. At times, we don’t have enough time, and we just want to store the basic information.

MyChart gives you this opportunity. You can store your medicines, doctors’ information, and current medical condition. This data is enough for a doctor to take action. MyChart represents this information in the form of a graph, which is easier to comprehend.

You can also take a doctor’s appointment from the app. So, it is an app for someone who is not facing any critical medical condition and just wants to keep a basic health record.

Wrapping It Up:

All in all, maintaining your health record is essential to dealing with medical emergencies. Health apps like CareZone, MyChart, Apple Health apps, MTBC PHR, and GenieMD help store information. Some of them let you record even your lab reports, medicines, and appointment details. Others let you contact the right doctor and even order medicines to get free delivery.

If you are facing a health condition in which numerous lab reports are mandatory, try MTBC PHR. Apple Health apps are the right one for keeping track of routine health like running, sleep cycles, and blood pressure as it connects with the Apple Watch.

Thus, every health apps have its benefits. Try the one that suits your medical condition and never compromise your health.
Stay healthy!


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