Must Have Features For Your Food Delivery System in 2022

Food Delivery System – In last decade the world moved from desktop ordering to mobile ordering. And with onset of corona in this decade going out has been reduced and ordering at home has increased manifold.

This has made it mandatory for a food business owners to provide food ordering and delivery systems for their customers so that they can order from the convenience of their homes and do it easily.

Online ordering app for the customer is fast nowadays. App for customers helps to provide better service and is easy to operate from anywhere. Through the app, customers can easily search for their desired food and restaurant without any hassle.

Let us know some of its interesting features:


Registration and Profile Creation:

This is the first method through which the customer is able to browse more about the application. For registering a large number of customers, the registration page should be simple and understandable.

The registration page should contain only the actual section and ask an essential question so that the customer can complete his registration in less time. Also, there should be an option to register through social media as well.

Reviewing restaurant profiles:

In general, we all visit the review page of the application to know about the feedback of the previous customer, who had previously ordered food. So, this is one of the important features of any application and should be added to the app.

Food Searching:

After the registration is complete, the customer will move to the Food Search section. So, the food search section should be simple and all the lists with the restaurant name, location, restaurant type, menu, and so on should be there so that customers can order their desired food from the desired restaurant.

Adding food to cart and scheduling order:

Sometimes there may be a situation that as a customer we are searching for any food but we cannot order at that particular time, so if cart If there will be an option then we can easily save many dine there and order them in one go as per our availability.

Ease of Payment:

The payment option is one of the important features of every online delivery application. Therefore, as a business owner, we should strive to develop a simple and easy-to-understand, and secure payment section. You can add multiple payment gateways for hassle-free payments. You should offer some gift vouchers, promo codes, discounts, etc. to make your customer happy.

Providing Contact Information of Delivery Person:

After placing an order, the customer surely wants any details like restaurant contact number, the contact information of the delivery person so that the customer can easily get updates on his ordered item. This is one of the ways by which you can better serve your customer.

Real-time Tracking:

This feature allows customers to make accurate estimates through Google Maps without having to contact the delivery person. This is really a hassle-free feature of any online application. You can check out one of the best real time driver tracking is provided by edeliveryapp’s food delivery system

Reviewing Order History:

Sometimes as a customer, we want to see our past orders and we want to place the same order again. So, if you provide this order history feature then your customer will like to visit your application more.

Food Rating:

This feature includes more glimpses on your application. This is a real feature of the online ordering app so that customers can share their thoughts about your app. As a business owner, you surely want to know how your app is working? Are your customers satisfied or not? If any modification required? So that, you can modify your app as per the requirement of the customer.

Speed & Performance of the App:

Last but not the least, your app should be fully optimised to work on slow internet connections and allow users to place orders quickly. If the app takes time to load then users will switch loyalty and go with another provider.


The above listed features are the most basic features that every online ordering food delivery system should have. If you are a restaurant owner and do not yet have a food delivery system then get your food delivery software today.

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